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I have all Algebra 2 classes. Our goal is to master the objectives set for
Download file "A2 Standards.pdf"by the state of Tennessee, which will be evaluated in May through the End of Course Test.

Every Monday students will turn in their bellwork for the previous 2 weeks. Every Friday students will have a homework quiz. They are only permitted to use their homework and must have the problem (copied from the book), the work, and the answer (which they can check in my teacher's edition) correct. There will be 4 problems randomly selected from the previous 2 weeks' assignments. On the assignments page, you can see a list of what assignments will be used for their upcoming quiz.

Grades are comprised of tests, quizzes, homework, and other (bellwork, participation, etc). Homework grades can come from a homework check or from a homework quiz. Quizzes are chapter quizzes over content and students may use their notes on these. Tests are the big check for mastery. Homework and quiz grades may be replaced by test grades in that chapter if the test score is higher than the homework or quiz grade (if it is lower, it will not affect the previous grades). If a quiz of either kind is missed, the test grade will be entered for that grade.

A test grade below a 60 will result in the student being placed on the ICU list. Tutoring will be recommended and the student will be expected to retake the test until a 60 or higher is made.

Please email me for any reason: rwalker@tipton-county.com