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    Greetings Parents and Students

    Don't forget that I stay on Tuesday afternoons to provide extra help to any English 2 student!

    The end of the nine weeks is upon us. Nine weeks tests begin on Tuesday, October 8 and go through Friday, October 11.

    Next nine weeks, we will be reading Antigone in class, and we will begin a grammar unit covering sentence fragments and run-on sentences. In lab, we will continue to cover sentence fragments and run-on sentences. We will also be reading a couple short plays and some non-fiction.

    Please remember to bring reading material for Fun Fridays in both class and lab!

    2013-2014 Schedule
    Odd 1 Planning
    Odd 2 English 2
    Odd 3 English 2
    Odd 4 English 2 Inclusion
    Even 1 English 2 Lab
    Even 2 Planning
    Even 3 English 2 Lab
    Even 4 English 2 Lab

    Helpful Links

    For information in the new Common Core State Standards (CCSS), visit the website below.


    Helpful Documents

    EOC Standards by Nine Weeks
    Download file "English 2 Curriculum 2013.docx"

    Characterization Notes Powerpoint
    Download file "Characterization.pptx"

    Irony and Paradox Paper Powerpoint
    Download file "Irony and Paradox Paper.pptx"

    Symbolism and Allegory Powerpoint
    Download file "Symbolism and Allegory.pptx"

    For more information concerning class content, please go to the calendar.

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