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    I have had a few questions about my study guides come up so I am sure they are not the only ones. All study guides provide application of what the students have been learning in class. The information the students receive in notes, vocabulary, handouts and lecture provide them the tools to apply what they have learned. I know that the answers are not black and white vocabulary terms and that is why I have added vocabulary as an additional quiz grade on every chapter. Students will be required to apply everything they have learned this school year on TCAP, and that is what these test prepare them for. I do provide a study guide for my test, but I am not required too. I do not go over the study guide because I want my students to be active in their own learning and take responsibility for the studying. My test are multiple choice so even if the student did not quite get the correct answer, they should be able to use process of elimination to figure it out on the test. I hope this clears some of the confusion up.

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