WELCOME!! Below, you will find the syllabus for our class!

    Download file "Syllabus 2013 2014.pdf"

    I am excited about the new school year and learning more about each of my students! I believe that communication is essential to student sucess; therefore, I want to encourage each of you to contact me anytime! My e-mail address is rorussell@tipton-county.com or I can be reached at 837-5600. My planning period is from 7:55 - 9:05. This is the best time for me to be reached during school hours.

    The links below are designed to keep you updated on our classroom. The "THIS WEEK" section is a daily agenda for the current week and the "English at Home" section will provide you and your child with useful resources, and don't forget to check out the "CALENDAR" for all the important dates.


    English at Home


    BMS Lady Cardinal Softball