Covington FFA

    Covington FFA is Triumphant at State Convention

    From Left to Right: (Front Row) Mr. Cole, Britney Kellum, Sarah Kate Poole, Sam Daniel, Kayla Fisher, Molly Flanagan, Sherridan Stough, Mr. Johnson, and Mrs. Flanagan

    (Back Row) Cody Smith, Jason Joy, Sean Donaldson, Jeffrey Sartain, and Skylar Davis

    The Covington FFA was triumphant at the 85th State FFA Convention that was held March 24-March 27 in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. The chapter left on Saturday the 23rd from Covington High School. On Sunday the group went to Clingman's Dome, which is one of the highest points in the Appalachian Mountains, went and enjoyed some leisure time in Pigeon Forge, and went to the Lumberjack Feud dinner and show on Sunday evening. On Monday, the convention began in earnest. The chapter was awarded the National Gold Chapter Award, the State Superior Chapter Award, and the Platinum PLOW Award for the hard work the chapter does throughout the year. That evening, Jason Joy was selected as the 2013 Tennessee Star in Agriscience, which is one of the highest awards that the Tennessee FFA Assoication can bestow upon its members. The chapter had two members competing in the Tennessee Agriscience Fair, which is a growing aspect of the organization. Kayla Fisher finished first in the state in her science project, which dealt with social systems in agriculture. She will go on to represent the Tennessee FFA at Nationals this fall in Louisville. Jason Joy finished second in the state in his science project, which dealt with plant systems in agriculture. On Tuesday the chapter truly shined as the chapter was recognized for having 10 different state winners in proficiencies. This was the most the chapter has have ever had and the chapter had more winners than any other chapter in the state this year. The winners include the following: Rob Cothran in Agriculture Processing, Skylar Davis in Fiber and Oil Crop Production, Sean Donaldson in Diversified Crop Production, Cody Smith in Outdoor Recreation, Greg Berford in Swine Production, Eric Cousar in Grain Production, Rebecca Wauford in Home and Community Development, Hunter Call in Turfgrass Management, Troy Bushley in Agriculture Mechanics, and Jeffrey Sartain in Wildlife Management and Production. These ten will also go on to represent both the Covington FFA and the Tennessee FFA this fall in the National Proficiencies. On Tuesday night, two members of the Covington FFA recieved a scholarship from the Tennessee FFA Foundation. Jeffrey Sartain received the Ted Turner Scholarship and Aerin Langlois received the Henry Williams memorial scholarship. On Wednesday, the chapter had six students receive their State FFA Degree and they include the following: Jason Joy, Jeffrey Sartain, Katie Brassell, Dezie Gude, Rebecca Wauford, and Aerin Langlois. The chapter also had a state officer canadidate in Greg Berford. Even though he may not have been elected, the chapter is very proud of the hard work that he put into this endeavor. As the school year begins to wind down, the chapter would like to thank the Covington FFA Alumni for all of their hard work and support, the faculty and staff at Covington High School for all of their support this year and evey year, and everyone in our community for helping these members "GROW" into the best young men and women that they can possibly be. The chapter looks forward to ending the end on a high note with several competitions left before school lets out.

    Covington Finishes 4th in Ag Mechanics

    From L to R: Mr. Johnson, Jeffrey Sartain, Billy Howard, Sam Daniel, Jason Joy, Ethan Wooden

    The Covington FFA recently competed in the West Tennessee Agriculture Mechanics Contest at Haywood County High School. The team placed second in the district and fourth in West Tennessee. Individually, Jason Joy placed second in mig welding, Jeffrey Sartain finished sixth in the three way switch electrical project, Sam Daniel and Ethan Wooden finished seventh in land measuring, and Billy Howard finished eighth in rafter construction. The team also placed fifth on the team test. Congratulations guys on all your hard work!

    Covington FFA Does Great at Speaking

    From L to R: Sarah Kate Poole, Jeffrey Sartain, Dezie Gude, Britney Kellum, Molly Flanagan, Kayla Fisher, Sam Daniel, and Jason Joy

    The Covington FFA recently competed in the West Tennessee Speaking Competitions held at Crockett County High School. The Quiz Bowl team finished 1st in West Tennessee, which is a first for our chapter since the inception of the Quiz Bowl for the FFA. The team consisted of Sam Daniel, Molly Flanagan, Kayla Fisher, and Britney Kellum. Jason Joy finished 3rd in West Tennessee in the Extemporaneous Speaking Comeptition. Jeffrey Sartain finished 3rd in the district in Prepared Public Speaking. Sarah Kate finished 3rd in the region in the FFA Creed. Dezie Gude finished 3rd in the district in Job Interview. The chapter is very proud of the accomplishments of all the speakers.

    2013 West TN Star in Agriscience
    Posted By: Jerry Johnson 1/25/2013

    Congratulations to Jason Joy, who was recently selected as the 2013 West Tennessee Star in Agriscience at the Star Farmer competitions held at Peabody High School in Trenton. Jason, who is a senior at Covington High School, has been working on a reserach project with Mr. Ketih Whithehorn of Whitehorn Farms in Covington. Some of Jason's responsibilities during the research project include the following: measuring cotton plant height, determining square positions on the cotton, determining boll percentages in a plot, recording data in a logbook, plotting coordinates on a GPS, researching weather data and recording the weather conditions a daily basis, scouting plots to determine for stinkbug and plant-bug percentages, and applying the scientific method to an agriculture project. This research also involved comparing the Liberty Link cotton (ST 4145 LLB2) to the Roundup Ready cotton (ST 4554 B2RF). Jason will go on to represent Covington High School and the West TN FFA at the 85th State FFA Convention this March in Gatlinburg.

    Murray State Speaking Invitational

    Front Row (L to R): Sarah Kate Poole, Kayla Fisher, Britney Kellum
    Back Row (L to R): Jason Joy, Dezie Gude, Jeffrey Sartain

    The Covington FFA recently competed in the Murray State Speaking Invitational at Trenton Peabody High School. Members participating were Jeffrey Sartain (Prepared Public Speaking), Sarah Kate Poole (FFA Creed), Dezie Gude (Job Interview), Britney Kellum (Job Interview), Kayla Fisher (Prepared Public Speaking), and Jason Joy (Extemporaneous Speaking). Jeffrey Sartain and Dezie Gude placed in the top two at the Invitational that was attended by schools from all around West Tennessee. This competition prepares for the students for the West Tennessee regional speaking contest that will be held on February seventh in Crockett County. The students also got to meet and work with the agriculture department from Murray State University in Murray, Kentucky.
    Parliamentary Procedure Does Great

    Front: Sherridan Stough, Ebonee Woodland
    Back: Sam Daniel, Molly Flanagan, Kayla Fisher, Britney Kellum, Mr. Cole

    The Covington FFA recently competed in the West Tennessee Parliamentary Procedure Career Development Event at Crockett County High School. The team had to take a test based on Robert's Rules of Order (10th ed.), had to give a ten minute presentation exhibiting their ability to handle different parliamentary motions and debates, and had to answer questions on parliamentary procedure. The team finished 4th in West Tennessee. Team members were Britney Kellum, Sam Daniel, Kayla Fisher, Sherridan Stough, Ebonee Woodland, and Molly Flanagan. The Opening and Closing team also competed at Crockett County High School. In this competition, the team is asked to perform the opening ceremonies of the FFA, perform one parliamentary motion, and close the meeting. Team members were Bailey Wallace, Sarah Kate Poole, Travis Fore, Phillip Langlois, Alexus Gooden, Lyla Gross, and Kate Armstrong.

    Livestock Judgers Compete in Contests

    From L to R: Travis Fore, Phillip Langlois, Jeffrey Sartain, and Katie Brasell

    The Covington FFA Livestock Judging Team recently competed in three different competitions. On October 30th, the team competed in the 1st Annual Tipton County Junior Livestock Association Livestock Judging Contest at Brighton High School. The team placed third in the event. Novemeber 1st, the team traveled to Parsons to compete in the Western Region 4-H Livestock Judging Contest in which team finished ninth out of 25 teams. November 8th, the team traveled to UT Martin for the West Tennessee FFA Livestock Judging Contest where the team finished 6th in the district. Livestock judging consists of the student evaluating sheep, swine, cattle, and goats. The student must also say up to three sets of reasons on the species, depending on the specifactions of the competition. The chapter is very proud of these students for all of their hard work!

    Great Time at National Convention

    Front Row: Sarah Kate Poole, Kayla Fisher, Daniel Flanagan, Lindsey Turner, Zach Evans, Katie Brasell, Molly Flanagan
    Back Row: Britney Kellum, Sam Daniel, Jason Joy, Jeffrey Sartain

    The Covington FFA recently attended the 85th National FFA Convention in Indianapolis, Indiana. The students departed Tuesday, October 24th from Covington High School and traveled to Indianapolis. Wednesday, the students toured the National FFA Center, which is the headquarters for the National FFA Organization. The students then toured the NCAA Hall of Fame, and particpated in an interactive competition amongst the FFA members across the country. The students then participated in a community service project called Rally to Fight Hunger, where the students from Covington made meals for needy families in central Indiana. That night the students went to the opening session, where they listened to Scott Hamilton, the most recognized male figure skating star in the world, Scott Hamilton has won 70 titles, awards and honors including an Emmy award nomination. He has been inducted into the U.S. Olympic Hall of Fame and is a privileged member of the World Figure Skating Hall of Fame. He captured the world’s attention 25 years ago with his Olympic Gold medal performances in Sarajevo. Thursday, the students attended workshops to improve parlaimentary procedure and public speaking skills. They also attended the National FFA Career Show and Exposition, which had more than 2,400 booths representing colleges, agriculture-related companies, fundraising companies, U.S. Armed Services, auto truck manufacturers and retailers. The chapter also attended the afternoon session, where they were recognized as a 3-star chapter, which is the highest award that the FFA can bestow upon a chapter. The Covignton FFA went to a hypnotist show put on by Dr. Jim Wand, and saw their advisor and teacher, Mr. Jerry Johnson become very creative on stage!! Friday, the students attended the Tennessee FFA Breakfast and continued to tour the Career Show. The chapter also watched the National FFA Parliamentary Procedure Finals in which a chapter from Tipton county competed, the Munford FFA Chapter. The Covington FFA would like to say congratulations to the Munford FFA for reaching the Final Four in the entire nation! That afternoon, Zach Evans of Covington was recognized as a National Finalist in the Agriculture Mechanics Proficiency, being only one of four in the entire nation. Zach, who has been working at Webb's Small Engines since his freshman year, is a great example of how the Supervised Agriculture Experience Program works. That night the chapter attended the World's Toughest Rodeo at the Indiana State Fairgrounds. Saturday, Daniel Flanagan and Lindsey Turner of the Covington FFA were presented American FFA Degrees, which are the pinnacle of FFA success in the organization. The chapter looks forward to continued growth and community support during the remainder of the school year.

    The Covington FFA recently competed in two regional contest as the first nine weeks of the school year came to a close. On Tuesday, October 2nd, the Covington FFA competed in the West Tennessee Soils Judging Contest at Ames Plantation in Grand Junction, Tennessee. This competition consists of the students learning about soil texture, drainage, erosion, slope, depth of the soil, classification of the soil, and crop yields. The team did extremely well, as they were second in the district and fifth in West Tennessee. Jeffrey Sartain was the 8th highest student out of 108 students in the competition. Several members of the team also represented the Tipton County 4H Senior Team, and they finished 5th as well in West Tennessee out of 31 4H teams. Tyler Rowland was the high individual in the entire 4H contest with a score of 345. The chapter also had two members in the junior high contest (Stephen Sartain and Catherine Turner) and were recognized as the 1st place team in the junior high divison. On Saturday, October 6th, the Covington FFA competed in the West Tennessee Agriculture Sales Competition at Dyersburg High School. The team was challenged to make a group presentation and individual presentations while selling Simazine 90DF, which is a pre-emergence herbicide. The chapter did extremely well, as they were second in the district and fourth in West Tennessee. Congratulations guys and enjoy your fall break!!

    Covington FFA Does Well at State Dairy

    The Covington FFA recently competed in the Tennessee State Dairy Judging Contest held on the Tennessee State Fairgrounds in Nashville, Tennessee. The team had to judge 6 classes of dairy cows (Ayrshire, Brown Swiss, Holstein), take a test based on dairy knowledge, and also say three sets of reasons on their placings. The team did extremely well in that they were first in the district and third in West Tennessee.

    Covington FFA Rocks at State Dairy Foods

    The Covington FFA recently competed in the 2012 Tennessee State Dairy Foods Contest held at the Tennessee State Fairgrounds in Nashville. This competition requires the student to learn about many different milk flavors, such as the following: acid, bitter, feed, flat, garlic, malty, oxidized, rancid, salty, and no defects. The student also has to learn about the different fat contents that are in dairy products, such as nonfat milk, reduced fat milk, milk, Half & Half, coffee cream, and whipping cream. The student also has to study for a dairy foods test which consists of all phases of the dairy foods industry, and the student also has to identify many different types of cheeses, such as the following: bleu, brick, brie, mild and sharp cheddar, cream, edam, monterey jack, mozzarella, neufchatel, parmesan, processed American, provolone, and swiss. The team did extremely well, as they first in the district, first in West Tennessee, and third in the state out of thirty-three teams. Kate Armstrong was the 4th high individual in the entire state contest and Sam Wauford was the 7th high individual for the entire state contest. Congratulations to these students and good luck next year as they try to bring home the state dairy food championship!

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    Covington FFA Excels in Dairy Judging
    Posted By: Jerry Johnson 8/22/2012
    The Covington FFA recently competed in the West TN Dairy Judging Contest on Monday, August 21st in Jackson. The team members were Dezie Gude, Travis Fore, Kayla Fisher, Jeffrey Sartain, Jason Joy, Britney Kellum, Sarah Kate Poole, Cody Smith, Elizabeth Delashiment, Sabrina Spray, Hailey Timberlake, Alexus Gooden, Malik Harris, and Lyla Gross. The Covington FFA finished 2nd in the District and 3rd in West Tennessee. By placing in the top 4 in West Tennessee, the team will move on to the state competition on September 10th in Nashville, Tennessee. Dezie Gude did extremely well in the contest, as he was the 3rd highest individual placing student out of 72 students. The chapter is extremely proud of the group for all of their hard work and wishes them the best as they move on to state!!!

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    Zach Evans is a National Finalist
    Posted By: Jerry Johnson 8/17/2012
    Zach Evans, a recent graduate of Covington High School and member of the FFA, was selected as a National Finalist in the Agriculture Mechanics Repair and Maintenance Proficiency. Zach was also a national silver medalist in 2011 with his Agriculture Sales Proficiency. Zach, who works at Webb's Small Engines in Covington, has been an active member in the Covington FFA Chapter for the past five years. Zach services such as items as chainsaws, tillers, blowers, hedge trimmers, lawn mowers, and mini tillers. He handles almost all of the freight for the shop, and is a great team player working alongside his grandfather, Mr. Webb, who is the owner of the business. Zach will compete against three other students this fall in Indianapolis, Indiana with the opportunity to become the National Winner and collect a wonderful cash prize and plaque. Good luck to you Zach!!!

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    National 3-Star Chapter Award
    Posted By: Jerry Johnson 8/17/2012
    The Covington FFA was recently selected as a 3-star National Chapter Award!! This is the highest award that the National FFA can bestow upon a chapter in the National Chapter Award Program, and it is due to the hard work and dedication of all of the FFA members at Covington High School. This is the first time that the chapter has recieved the 3-star, and the chapter hopes that this is a tradition that will continue for many years to come as the chapters continues to "grow" into excellence!!

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    Covington Swine Exhibitors Expereince Success
    Posted By: Liz Flanagan 8/17/2012
    Covington FFA Members Greg Berford, Leah Chapman, Katie Brasell, Molly Flanagan and Sam Daniel have done an excellent job at the Obion County Fair. Greg Berford won Grand Champion with his January Poland China Gilt and Leah Champion had Reserve Champion with her March Poland China Gilt.

    Download file "DSC_0942.JPG"


    The Covington FFA recently attended the West TN Annual Banquet were it rewarded for a year of hard work and dedication. The chapter placed 3rd overall in West TN out of 45 schools, and was well represented. The chapter was recognized for placing in the Top 6 in 11 out 15 Career Development Events, being the regional winner in Dairy Foods and the regional runner-up in Poultry Judging, and having the State Star in Agribusiness in Mr. Sean Donaldson. The chapter also had six West TN award winning proficiencies, and all six of these students won at the state level as well. They were Skylar Davis in Diversified Crop Production, Lindsey Turner in Beef Production, Daniel Flanagan in Fruit Production, Zach Evans in Agriculture Mechanics, Rob Cothran in Agriculture Services, and Aerin Langlois in Agriculture Processing. These students will be competing at the National Convention this fall in Indianapolis, Indiana. The chapter also had its chapter banquet on May 18th, and the following were selected as the new officer team for the 2012-2013 school year. They were Jason Joy (President), Kayla Fisher (Vice-President), Jeffrey Sartain (Secretary), Dezie Gude (Treasurer), Carley Smoot (Reporter), Sam Daniel (Sentinel), Britney Kellum (Parliamentarian/Chaplain), and Molly Flanagan(Historian). The school year may be coming to a close, but that does not mean that the fun is stopping! The Covington FFA will be hosting a Critter Camp (Grades K-4) on June 4th-July 7th at the high school. Please call Mr. Cole or Mrs. Flanagan at (901) 475-5872 or you may email them at covagdept@hotmail.com for more information. The cost is $65 dollars. The Covington FFA will be hosting a Wildlife Camp (Grades 4-8) on June 4th-June 7th at Covington High School as well. Please call Mr. Johnson at (901) 475-5872 or you may email him at jjffa@hotmail.com for more information. The Covington FFA would like to thank the faculty, administration, parents, and the community for all they done this past year in supporting our chapter. The Covington FFA looks forward to another exciting summer!

    SUMMER 2012

    May 27th-June 1st= Forestry Camp at Fall Creek Falls State Park
    June 1st-June 2nd= State Forestry CDE at Camp Clements
    June 2nd= State Natural Resource Management CDE at Camp Clements
    June 4th-June 7th= Critter Camp at Covington High School
    June 4th-June 7th= Wildlife Camp at Covington High School
    June 11th-June 15th= UT-Martin Teacher Workshop Week
    June 13th= Tennessee FFA Alumni Golf Tournament at Mt. Juliet
    June 18th-June 22nd= FFA Camp Week 3 at Camp Clements
    June 23rd= Sheep Show @ Paducah, KY
    June 25th-June 27th= Covington FFA Officer Retreat at Paris Landing
    June 26th= Sheep Show @ Martin, TN
    July 7th= Blue and Gold Livestock Show @ Martin, TN
    July 16th-July 19th= CTE Conf @ Middle TN State University
    July 28th= Final Drive Sheep Show @ Union City
    August 3rd-August 5th= ROPE Conf @ Camp Clements
    August 4th= Hickman County Fair @ Hickman, KY

    Download file "photo.JPG"
    Download file "photo(5).JPG"

    Covington FFA does well at State Contests at Tennessee Tech University

    Floriculture Team

    Left to Right (Front): Molly Flanagan, Kayla Fisher
    Left to Right (Back): Amber Smith, Mrs. Flanagan, Jessica Coats, and Eboni Woodland

    Poultry Team

    Left to Right (Front): Becky Wauford, Leah Chapman
    Left to Right (Back): Russell Giles, Sam Daniel, Sam Wauford, and Mr. Johnson

    The Covington FFA did extremely well at the Tennessee State Floriculture and Poultry Contests that were held on the campus of Tennessee Tech University on Saturday, April 21st, 2012. The Floriculture team finished 1st in the District, 2nd in West Tennessee, and 3rd in the State. The floriculture team, which was coached by Mrs. Liz Flanagan, had to participate in several flower practicums where they had to make 8 different floral arrangement, job interview, resume building, and had to identify 50 different plants. They also had several team events they team had to complete in a certain amount of time. The poultry team, coached by Mr. Johnson, had to place classes of broilers, hens, ready to cook, and turkeys. The students also had to grade interior and exterior eggs, and had to identify the problems with each. The team also had to determined problems associated with boneless and bone-in processed products. The team also had a team test and an individual test. The team finished 1st in the district, 2nd in West Tennessee, and 8th in the state. Congratulations to both teams for working extremely hard and representing Covington High School in a positive matter.

    Download file "DSCF3121.JPG"

    Tennessee FFA Honors Covington FFA Member as Star Agribusiness Winner

    GATLINBURG- Sean Donaldson of the Covington FFA Chapter earned top honors at the 84th Tennessee State FFA Convention when selected as the State Star in Agribusiness on April 3.

    The State Star in Agribusiness is one of the highest honors given by the Tennessee FFA. Donaldson’s supervised agricultural experience, or SAE, was rated the best agribusiness program in the state. The Star in Agribusiness award is the second oldest star award in the state and is given to a student whose SAE project involves working in one of many business occupations in agriculture other than production agriculture.

    The Covington FFA member’s agricultural education instructors and FFA advisors are Bryan Cole, Elizabeth Flanagan and Jeremiah Johnson. This award is sponsored on the state level by Farm Bureau Insurance.

    FFA is an integral part of the Agricultural Education Program Area within the Tennessee Career and Technical Education Division. The Tennessee Association FFA is the thirteenth largest state association in the nation with more than 13,000 members. The FFA mission is to make a positive difference in the lives of students by developing their potential for premier leadership, personal growth and career success through agricultural education. For more information about Tennessee FFA, visit http://tnffa.org.

    Download file "DSCN0854.JPG"

    Front Row (L to R): Carley Smoot, Sam Daniel, Rebecca Wauford, Jessica Coats, Leah Chapman, Kayla Fisher, Sherridan Strout, Britney Kellum, Brooke Kelly, Molly Flanagan, Justin Ervin, and Alex Smith.

    Back Row (L to R): Daniel Flanagan, Jeffrey Sartain, Cody Smith, Jason Joy, Greg Berford, Eric Cousar, Sean Donaldson, and Skylar Davis

    Covington FFA “Believing” Strongly In Themselves

    The Covington FFA recently attended the 84th State FFA Convention in beautiful Gatlinburg, Tennessee from March 31st to April 4, 2012. The group left on Saturday morning from Covington High School and traveled across the great state. On Sunday morning, the group went to Cades Cove in the Great Smokey Mountains and went to the Dixie Stampede on Sunday evening in Pigeon Forge. On Monday the chapter was recognized for several awards including the following: State Superior Chapter, National Chapter Award Winner (Gold), PLOW Award (Gold), and the Chapter Challenge Award presented by Monsanto. Lindsey Turner from Covington was also recognized as the State Officer Candidate from the chapter. On Tuesday, the chapter truly shined as the chapter had an outstanding day in the proficiency areas. Several students were recognized as being state winners from Covington High School including the following: Zach Evans in Agriculture Mechanics, Aerin Langlois in Agriculture Processing, Rob Cothran in Agriculture Services, Lindsey Turner in Beef Production, Skylar Davis in Diversified Crop Production, and Daniel Flanagan in Fruit Production. These six students will go on to represent Tennessee at the National Convention this fall in Indianapolis. In the afternoon, Covington High School senior Sean Donaldson was recognized as the 2012 Tennessee Star in Agribusiness, one of the highest awards in the entire Tennessee FFA Association. Sean, who works for Donaldson Farms in Covington, has been an outstanding FFA member throughout high school and has a very strong SAE in vegetable production. Sean had to compete against the Middle Tennessee representative from Warren County and the East Tennessee representative from Chuckey-Doak High School, and did outstanding in his field. On Wednesday morning, seven members of the Covington FFA received their State FFA Degree, and they include the following: Greg Berford, Leah Chapman, Eric Cousar, Skylar Davis, Sean Donaldson, Brooke Kelly, and Cody Smith. The chapter had an outstanding week at the convention, and is very pleased with the performance of the group. The group would like to send a special thank you to Mrs. Denise Shires for helping chaperoning the trip, Mr. Ted and Carolyn Turner, Mr. Eric and Holly Ray for attending the convention, Mr. Harvey Witherngton our CTE director, and our advisors Mr. Cole, Mrs. Flanagan, and Mr. Johnson for their hard work.

    Covington FFA working hard at Agriculture Mechanics

    The Covington FFA recently competed in the West Tennessee Agriculture Mechanics Career Development Event at Haywood County High School. The team did extremely well, finishing 2nd in the District, and 6th in West Tennessee. The team members were Ethan Wooden in arc welding, Billy Howard in electrical wiring, Cody Smith and Jeffrey Sartain in differential leveling, and Jason Joy in truss construction. Also, each team member had to take an exam over agriculture mechanics. Congratulations to these young men for doing a great job and representing Covington High School so well!

    Covington FFA does well with Proficiencies @ TN Tech

    The following students did an outstanding job in their proficiency this past year and will compete at the State Level on April 3 at the 84th Annual State FFA Convention in Gatlinburg! Good luck to these young people,a s they will represent Covington High School and the West TN Western Region.

    • Aerin Langlois-Agriculture Processing
    • Rob Cothran-Agriculture Services
    • Zach Evans-Agriculture Mechanics
    • Lindsey Turner-Beef Production
    • Skylar Davis-Diversified Crop Production
    • Daniel Flanagan-Fruit Production

    Covington FFA Shines at Public SpeakingDownload file "photo.JPG"

    The Covington FFA did an extremely great job at Public Speaking in Feb! The following members participated in the contests
    • Dezie Gude-1st in District, 3rd in West TN in Job Interview
    • Sam Daniel-2nd in District, 4th in West TN in FFA Creed
    • Becky Wauford-2nd in District, 4th in West TN in Extemp Speaking
    • Kayla Fisher-2nd in West TN, 6th in Prepared Speaking


    Sean Donaldson, a senior at CHS, won the West TN Star in Agribusiness at the Star Farmer Competitions held in Crockett County on January 12. Sean, who primary SAE (Supervised Agriculture Experience) is Vegetable Production, will represent Covington High School and the West TN FFA at the 84th State FFA Convention in April. Congrulations and good luck to you Sean!!!!Download file "DSCF5207.JPG"

    Horse Practice Starts Jan 3rd in Mr. Cole's room! Practice is from 3-4:30, please see Mr. Cole if you are interested in trying out!

    Speaking Practice begins Jan 3rd in Mrs. Flanagan's room (Prepared and Creed) and Mr. Johnson's room (Job Interview and Extemp Speaking). Please see Mrs. Flanagan or Mr. Johnson if you are wanting to try out!

    Ag Mechanics Practice starts Jan 23rd with Mr. Johnson. Please see Mr. J if you are wanting to try out!


    Jan 12th= Star Farmer Interviews at Crockett County
    Jan 19th= Horse Clinic at UT-Martin
    Jan 26th= West TN Horse Judging Contest at UT-Martin
    Jan 30th= West TN Speaking Invitational at Peabody High School
    Feb 7th= 1st Round West TN Speaking Contests at Crockett County High School
    Feb 7th= State Degrees and Fair and Show Reports 17
    Feb 9th= Speaking Finals at Crockett County
    Feb 10th= Proficiency Lock-In at CHS
    Feb 17th= Proficiency List Due to Nashville
    Feb 17th= National Farm and Machine Show at Louisville, KY
    Feb 17th= TN FFA Alumni Convention
    Feb 18th= 3rd Annual Covington FFA Alumni Fish Fry
    Feb 20th-Feb 26th= National FFA Week
    Feb 20th= Goodwill Tour Supper in Tipton County
    Feb 21st= Goodwill Tour Banquet at UT-Martin
    Feb 22nd= Faculty Breakfast at CHS
    Feb 23rd=FFA Movie Night
    Feb 24th= Proficiencies Due
    Feb 25th= Proficiency Judging at Tennessee Tech
    March 1st= Regional Officer Selection and Star Greenhand at Crockett County High School
    March 1st= Leadership Report and PLOW Report Due at Crockett County High School
    March 6th= Ag Mechanics Invitational at Haywood County
    March 8th= Ag Mechanics Contest at Haywood County
    March 31st-April 4th= State FFA Convention at Gatlinburg
    April 12th= West TN Floriculture and Nursery Contests at Jackson State
    April 19th= West TN Forestry Contest at Natchez Trace State Park
    April 21st= Tennessee Poultry Contest at Tennessee Tech
    April 21st= Tennessee Floriculture and Nursery Contests at Tennessee Tech
    April 24th= West TN Awards Banquet at Jackson Civic Center
    May 7th= Skills Committee Meeting at Crockett County
    May 10th= West TN Awards Committee Meeting at Crockett County
    May 27th-June 1st= Forestry Camp at Fall Creek Falls
    June 25-June 29= FFA Camp at Camp Clements

    Download file "IMG_1749.JPG"

    The Covington FFA Parliamentary Procedure and Opening and Closing Teams recently competed in Obion County. The teams did really well, as the Parly Team finished 4th in West Tennessee and the Opening Team finished 5th in West Tennessee! Congratulations!

    Download file "009.JPG"

    Left to Right: Eric Cousar, Aerin Langlois, Leah Chapman, and Brooke Kelly. Not pictured Sean Donaldson, Steven Holt, and Matt Cothran.

    The Covington FFA recently competed in the West Tennessee Livestock Judging Competition at the University of Tennessee at Martin. The team finished 3rd in the District and 8th in West Tennessee out of 30 high schools. The team judged beef cattle, swine, sheep, and goats. Each contestant was also asked to give three sets of oral reasons to explain their placements, and two different activities. The team would like to thank Turner Angus Farms, Mr. Ted Turner, Fletcher Farms, Mr. John Turner, and Mr. Tim Turner for all of their help with the competition. The team looks forward to doing their best at the competition next year.

    Download file "photo(7).JPG"

    The Covington FFA Agriculture Sales team finished 3rd in West Tennessee at the competition in Dyersburg. Team members were Kayla Fisher, Dezie Gude, Lee Richardson, and Becky Wauford. The team did an excellent job marketing the Magellan GPS and giving an excellent sales presentation! Good job guys!

    Download file "photo(8).JPG"

    From Left to Right: Skylar Davis, Eric Cousar, Cody Smith, and Greg Berford

    The Covington FFA placed 1st in the District and 7th in West TN at the West TN Soil Judging Competiton on October 4th at the West Tennessee Experiment Station in Jackson, TN. The team composed of seniors did extremely well in a very tough competition.

    Download file "IMG_1683(2).JPG"

    The Covington FFA recently participated in the Dairy Foods Contest at the Tennessee State Fairgrounds in Nashville, TN. The contest consisted of the FFA members trying 12 different samples of milk, grading the quality of the milk, being able to identify different types of cheeses (18), and being able to identify products that are real dairy and products that are non-dairy. The team finished 1st in the District, 1st in West Tennessee, and 5th in the State. Team members were

    Front Row (Left to Right): Becky Wauford, Brooke Kelley, Leah Chapman, Aerin Langlois
    Back Row (Left to Right): Sam Wauford, Sam Daniel


    Welcome back to another exciting year at Covington High School. We look forward to working with your child Here is our schedule for the upcoming school year. If there are any questions, please feel free to email at jjohnson@tipton-county.com

    Swine Exhibitors

    Obion County August 17th
    Hardin County Sep 5th
    Tennessee State Fair Sep 10-11th
    Lincoln County Sep 12th
    Tipton County Sep 20th
    Decatur County Sep 21st

    Sheep Exhibitors
    Obion County July 23
    Hickman County Aug 6
    Tupelo MS Aug 20
    Hardin County Sep 8
    Dyer County Sep 9
    Delta Fair Sep 11
    West TN Sep 14
    Tennessee State Fair Sep 17
    Tipton County Sep 22

    FFA Contest (CDE) Calender Fall 2011

    Dairy Foods Sep 13th @ Nasvhille
    Soils Sep 27th @ Lexington
    Soils Oct 4th @ Jackson
    Ag Sales Oct 8th @ Jackson
    Livestock Oct 27th @ Martin
    Livestock Nov 10th @Martin
    Livestock Nov 17th @ Parsons
    Parliamentary Procedure Dec 1st @ Munford
    Parliamentary Procedure Dec 6th @ Obion County
    Parliamentary Procedure Dec 8th @ Obion County

    Starting days for the Practices are as follows

    August 16th Dairy Foods
    August 22nd Soils
    Sep 19th Ag Sales
    Sep 19th Parliamentary Procedure
    Oct 3rd Livestock
    Oct 24 Opening and Closing

    Please come see Mr. Johnson, Mr. Cole, or Mrs. Flanagan if you are interesting in participating in one of the contest this fall. Practices are Monday-Thursday (3 to 4:30)

    Summer 2011 is here! While school may be out, the fun never stops for the CHS FFA group. Here is a list of summer plans for 2011. If you are interested in any of the items, or you are looking for something to get your child into, please feel free to email me at jjffa@hotmail.com or at jjohnson@tipton-county.com

    May 29th-June 3rd Forestry Camp
    June 2nd-State Livestock Judging @ MTSU
    June 3rd-June 4th State Forestry Contest @ Camp Clements
    June 6th-10th Construction/Clean-up for Sheep and Swine Exhibitors
    June 8th Future Ag Teachers Academy at the University of Tennessee at Martin
    June 13th-June 16th Critter Camp @ CHS
    June 20th-June 23rd Wildlife Camp @ CHS
    June 27-June 29th H.O.T. Training @ CHS
    July 4th-July 8th FFA Camp at Camp Clements
    July 9th Blue and Gold Livestock Show @UT-Martin
    July 11th-July 14th CTE Conference @ Middle Tennessee State University
    July 23rd- Crabtree Sheep Show @ Obion County Fairgrounds
    July 27th-July 29th H.O.T. Training

    July 30th-Hickman County Sheep Show

    Also, congrulations to the Covington FFA for finishing as the 5th best FFA chapter in West Tennessee out of 45 high schools. Your hard work and determination makes our chapter one of the best in the region!

    Download file "jjagIISyl.doc"
    Download file "jjwildlifeSyl.doc"






    Anyone interested in public speaking events please see Mr. Johnson, Mr. Cole, or Mrs. Flanagan as soon as possible.

    Horse Judging Practice starts January 4th in Mr. Cole's classroom!

    Spring 2011 Calender of Events


    Jan. 20th= Horse Judging Clinic @ UT-Martin
    Jan. 27th= Horse Judging Contest @ UT-Martin
    Jan. 31st= Murray State Invitational @ Peabody High School


    Feb. 8th= Prepared Speaking (Aerin, Greg), Extemp Speaking (Eric) Job Interview (Lindsey), FFA Creed (Kayla) Contests @ Crockett County
    Feb 8th= Fair and Show Reports, State Degrees Due @ Crockett County
    Feb 10th= Speaking Finals @ Crockett County
    Feb 11th= Proficiency Lock-In @ CHS
    Feb 15th= State Officer Applications/Non-Com Applications/National and State FFA Scholarships Due
    Feb 18th= National Farm and Machine Show with Munford FFA @ Louisville, KY
    Feb 18th-26th= FFA Week @ CHS
    Feb 22nd= Goodwill Tour @ UT-Martin
    Feb 23rd= Faculty Breakfast
    Feb 23rd= PLOW Program @ Crestview Elementary
    Feb 24th= Cookout/Movie Night
    Feb 25th= Farm and Gin Show @ Memphis, TN
    Feb 26th= State Proficiency Judging @ Tennessee Tech


    March 1st= Leadership Report, PLOW Report, Star Greenhand, Regional Officer Elections @ Dyersburg St.
    March 10th= Ag Mechanics Contest @ Haywood County
    March 19th= Dairy Judging Contest @ Henry County
    March 26th-30th= State FFA Convention @ Gatlinburg, TN


    April 7th= Nursery and Floriculture Contest @ Jackson State
    April 21st= Forestry Contest @ West Carroll
    April 23rd= Poultry Contest @ MTSU
    April 26th= West TN Banquet @ Jackson Civic Center


    State Forestry Practice
    State Livestock Practice
    Swine Exhibitors Meeting
    Sheep Exhibitors Meeting
    State Forestry Camp (May 29th-June 3rd)
    National Chapter Award (May 29th)


    June 1st= State Livestock Contest @ MTSU
    June 3rd-4th= State Forestry Contest @ Camp Clements
    June 3rd= National Chapter Award Judging
    June 27th-July 1st= FFA Camp @ Camp Clements