Angela Baize Clark

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    Contact Information
    email Mrs. Clark at aclark@tipton-county.com 837-5800
    Room 213
    Odd Even
    1st US Government 1st Planning
    2nd Planning/PLC (Mr. Wilson in my room) 2nd US Government
    3rd US Government (C Lunch) 3rd US Government (B Lunch)
    4th US Government 4th US Government
    Rules Consequences
    Be on time Verbal Warning
    Be prepared Student/Teacher Conference
    Show respect for everyone Writing assignment/call to parents
    Follow all school and county rules Office referral

    If student behavior is too disruptive I will automatically skip to step four in consequences.( Examples: cussing, fighting, dress code violation or refusing to follow directions)
    Classes I teach
    US Government
    US History (2010-2011)